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Robbery Foiled at Monster Truck Stop as Armed Gang Targets Copper Trucks

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In a brazen assault at Monster Truck Stop in Kempton Park, 15 armed robbers targeted copper trucks, leaving one person seriously injured in their wake.

Monster Truck Stop management reported that the armed group infiltrated the premises by squeezing through the gates as they were opened for a truck to enter.

Once inside, they swiftly overpowered the security personnel and attempted to hijack the parked copper trucks.

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The robbers also seized cell phones and other belongings from everyone present at the truck stop, creating a chaotic and dangerous situation.

“We don’t usually allow loaded copper trucks to park here because of security concerns. However, in this case, one truck from our diesel client’s convoy broke down, so after they filled up, we made an exception and emphasized the need for extra security,” Monster Truck Stop management explained to SA Trucker.

Initially, the trucks were supposed to be there only during the day to fix the breakdown, but due to delays, they had to stay overnight.

It was during this extended stay that the robbers struck.

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Fortunately, thanks to the smart security setup at the truck stop, another security officer was able to press the panic button, triggering the siren and scaring off the robbers.

They fled the scene, abandoning their attempt to steal the copper trucks.

The injured individual was rushed to a nearby hospital and is currently receiving treatment. Local authorities are investigating the incident and searching for the suspects.

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