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SA Trucker Whatsapp Group goes live

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Welcome to SA Trucker Whatsapp Groups an initiative that came about as a response to the attacks on truck drivers and their trucks in recent months.

Our fellow truck drivers have been killed or injured in incidents where sometimes it could have been avoidable if the police had acted or if information had moved faster.

We can’t be the police but we can be our own intelligence gathering machine and warn our fellow truckers of dangers before they even become victims. By sharing crucial information on issues of driver and truck safety we are bound to reduce the frequency in which these attacks happen.

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Tyre theft, load theft, diesel theft, truck hijackings, violent protests and robbery on drivers are the main problems we should keep an eye on.

Accidents are an obvious inclusion in the problems faced by truckers on the road and this is how you and I will play our part in addressing these issues.

Identify and report

  •  crime hotspots
  •  violent protests hotspots
  •  accident hotspots
  •  unsafe places to park

By reporting such problems SA Trucker will broadcast to all the truckers and keep a record of them all. At the right time, we will use the statistics to present our concerns to responsible authorities.

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We are also encouraged to share safe and unsafe truck stops so that we give business to people who deserve it, by so doing it also motivates all truck stops to improve their security and service.

Information on traffic and accidents is needed to make sure that our truckers are up to date on their routes.

We may have skipped issues that concern truckers and their property safety, you are still welcome to share that on our platform.

Group Rules

Taking that we are all here because of trucker and his property safety we encourage you to share ONLY information within that scope.

  • No vulgar or swearing
  • No attacks on other participants
  • No discrimination and or racism (High risk offence)
  • English is the main language we will use
  • No chit chats, consider this as an emergency line

Don’t say or do what you wouldn’t want someone to do to you.

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If your group does not have our Whatsapp number +27847178431 as an admin, it is fake please don’t fall for it.

Please complete the form here and wait for the admin to contact you for more info to be added to the group.

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