Snowfall hits hard on Zimbabwean villagers- bizarre

Snowfall hits hard on Zimbabwean villagers- bizarre

Perplexed villagers in areas surrounding Gweru town in Zimbabwe have been left devastated by snowfall which dumped the crystalline water ice making a blanket about 40cm high.

It is the first time in recorded history that it has happened leaving everyone looking for answers as to why it’s happening now. The area is always short of rain and droughts occur regularly including this past year where the whole of the country didn’t receive enough of it.

“Our winter is cold but it has never be colder than this, we don’t have more blankets or clothes to warm us more than we are now we are going to die my son” said gogo Mlambo, one of the affected villagers. “And if the cold does not kill us how are we going survive the hunger, everyone around here is poor. What about our livestock, look! just look” she said pointing at the blanket of snow covering the ground.

She went on to complain that the politicians have abandoned them but she expressed hope that since the snowfall she had seen many cars coming and maybe one of them could turnout to be the District Adminstrator.
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The local DA could not be reached for comment.


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