The dirty illusion

The dirty illusion

Its a dirty mind illusion where I would need hours to explain to some brothers that it’s not what they think

The artist must have grown up in the farms along the N3 where such a spectacle is most likely to be captured

But wait..

It’s art, and artists have a tendency of producing what’s seen in their minds onto paper even when they have not seen it before.

This is a clean site, relax…

Just thought I should warn those extremely dirt minded that the picture could be hazardous to their feelings…

I will not take responsibility for your actions after seeing this piece of art

You better just not press the button if think you will be offended

Go ahead and see

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[toggle title=”OR OPEN FOR ANSWER” state=”close”]I have been trying to tell you, it just a tree in the middle of a wheat field. Go back and press like if you saw dirty at the first glance[/toggle]


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