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TNPA Durban outlines critical cargo evacuation plan

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Transnet National Port Authority (TNPA) Durban has outlined a critical cargo evacuation plan that will be implemented to ensure that essential cargo is able to be moved from its terminals following disruptions caused by flooding.

Operations at the Durban Container Terminals Pier 1 and 2 have been hindered after key road to the terminals, Bayhead Road, was partly washed away. Engineers are working fervently to assess the damage done to the key road to the ports.

The eThekwini Municipality has provided a temporary route that trucks will use to evacuate critical cargo from the ports.

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Below is the list of the critical cargo that will be moved:

  • Fuel
  • Medical equipment and medicines
  • Critical Food Stuffs as outlined by Department Of Agriculture (SARS confirmation of food stuffs as per manifest)
  • Reefers/perishables boxes from terminals

Process and procedures to be followed when collecting critical cargo from Durban ports

  1. Shipping line will submit a list of critical containers to (TNPA, TPT and Policing Authority)
  2. The list will be accompanied by a list from Customs (manifest) confirming contents of the containers
  3. Once the list has been confirmed – SENT TO LIST AS PER LAST SLIDE
  4. Terminal will indicate the number of trucks (through Bookings) that can be allowed into the terminals or port
  5. Only 5 Containers per shipping line, will be allowed
  6. Shipping line will provide trucking company details, (registration and driver name)
  7. Terminal will create Appointment for the trucks as supplied
  8. Exports reefers will only be allowed in or accepted only if stack is open
  9. Once the vehicles has been loaded then, the vehicle will have to depart the Port area with immediate effect

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Transporters should note that:

No trucks to be allowed between 05:00 To 07:00 ( 13:00 To 14:15) And Should The Use Of Bayhead Continue Next Week – Times Will Change As 05:00 To 08:30 ( 13:00 To 14:15) And For “High Peak” (16:00 To 18:00)

  •  No Double Trailer Allowed
  •  Day shift only
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