Tnpa port access permit Terms and conditions

Here are the full terms and conditions a truck driver should know when applying for a Port Access Permit.

1. In order to obtain a TNPA Port Access Permit, any valid Identity document from the following list must be produced as proof of dentity.

Identity Document
SA Passport
Passport & Work Permit.
Diplomatic ID Card
Temporary ID
Temporary Passport
Government Department Appointment Card

2. No affidavits, birth certificates or any other documents other than the above-mentioned documents will be accepted as proof of identity.

3. No photocopies of certified documents will be accepted.

4. Applicants using foreign passports are required to attach a Temporary or Permanent Residence Visa or a valid Work Permit to this application.

5. If the applicant is a holder of a temporary identity document, he/she will be issued a Port Access Permit valid for a period not exceeding the validity of the temporary identity document produced.

6. No children under sixteen years of age will be issued permits.

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7. No Children under the age of 16 will be permitted in operational areas

8. All children under the age 16 must at all times be under the supervision of a valid permit holder/guardian.

9. All permanent / temporary Port Access Permit applicants will shall consent to a security screening process.

10.All re-application of permits will be treated as a new application and have to comply with all requirements outlined in Permit application procedures.

11.All Port Access Permits remain the property of TNPA and must be returned upon expiry, termination of employment or when the job function no longer requires a permit.

12.Port Access Permit is strictly not transferable and if a Permit Holder permits another individual to utilize his/her permit, such Port Access Permit will be withdrawn and both parties will be banned from entering the Port for a period to be determined by the Security Manager.

13.The Port Permit is a legal requirement and can only be produced by the National Ports Authority. Any unauthorized duplication, tampering and or falsification of Port permits will be construed as a breach of security and criminal proceedings will be instituted against transgressors.

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14.Port Access Permit Holders may be required to present their Port Access Permits for inspection on request by SAPS, TNPA Security Officers or any authorized Official.

15.Port Access Permit holders are responsible for their issued Access Permit at all times and must report lost and stolen permits to the Customer Services Centre or Security Control Room immediately, failing which the user may be removed from the Port.

16.All Port users are required to undergo a full security search on entry and exiting the Port.

17.All permit holders must familiarize themselves with the rules and regulations of the Port and the National Ports Act 12 of 2005 which may be found on the Transnet website at


1. By signing for your Access Permit form, you have agreed to and accepted the conditions stipulated herein in addition to the general Port Rules and Regulations.

2. Should you intend to drive a vehicle in the Port, you will abide to the attached Port Regulations in addition to the ordinary rules of the road applicable in all other Municipal areas.

3. Failure to comply with TNPA Port Access permit and Port Regulation Manual will result in your permit being withdrawn with immediate effect and you will be banned from entry to the Port for a period to be determined by the Security Permit Committee.


1. Entry to the Port is subject a compulsory search of a vehicle and its contents as well as of personal effects and/or packages.

2. Proof of positive identification must be produced on entry and exit.

3. All offensive weapons and/or potentially dangerous effects such as knives, blades, batons etc. must be declared.

4. No firearms, items shaped like firearms and explosives are permitted on Port premises.

5. Random alcohol screening is carried out. Failure of the alcohol screening test will result in your immediate removal from the Port.

6. Possession or use of any other illegal substance will also result in your immediate removal from the Port and could result in your permanent ban from the premises.

7. Any person found in possession of any intoxicating substance, narcotics, dangerous
weapons and/or any other prohibited item, will be removed from the Port immediately, such individuals Access Permit shall be withdrawn and he/she will be barred from future entry to the Port for a period to be determined by the

Security Permit Committee

8. Fishing and surfing and other recreational activities only allowed in designated areas of the Port.

9. No pets or other animals, with the exception of registered working animals, are allowed in the Port.

10.Vehicles and drivers to comply with the Road Traffic Act 93 of 1996 as well as road traffic rules which may be specific to a Port environment.

11.All cameras to be declared at Security.

12.All persons entering operational areas must wear effective PPE.

Road Users

1. Accidents: All port accidents must be reported to the Port Security control room 021 449 4123 and they will inform the Safety Department, NPA Fire Services SAPS and other relevant parties.

2. All the provisions of the Road Traffic Act apply to motorists in the Port.

3. City Metro Police together with SAPS shall assist with dealing with any contraventions of any rules and regulations.

4. Persons entering the port are to comply with any directives or instructions given by Port Security/SAPS/Metro Police.

5. Road users must ensure that a safe speed is maintained.

6. Road users may not leave engines running or vehicles unattended.

7. Drivers must be careful when approaching overhead structures and ensure that their vehicles can pass under safely.

8. Port users must report all traffic incidents to TNPA Security Control Room at 021 449 4111

9. You may only park in the designated parking areas and ensure that the vehicle is properly secured.

10.Drivers must ensure that cargo loads being transported are secure.

11.Permit holders must obey all road signs and diversions.

12.Parking near a red barrier line is prohibited.

Notwithstanding the fact that an individual is in possession of a valid Port Access Permit, TNPA reserves the right to refuse that individual’s admission to the Port.