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Tokoloshe like creature found in truck, now engine won’t start

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Really weird things happen in Africa and with little to no scientific evidence, there is nothing to shut the tokoloshe debate.

Like, at the beginning of this week, a tokoloshe like creature was found in a truck in Newcastle, KwaZulu-Natal.

No proper explanation of what it is or how it ended up in the truck has been found.

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Speaking to SA Trucker, an anonymous source from NiDa Transport, where the unidentified creature was found, said that they are forced to believe it’s indeed a tokoloshe intentionally placed by the owner for his own reasons.

“This guy is an immigrant from [country name hidden], he parked the truck with everything in perfect order while going off for the weekend.

“The boss decided to assign a new driver to the truck so we took everything out and the new driver packed his stuff in,

“We were surprised when the new driver could not start the truck, it was not even swinging.

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“After trying everything we know, it still could not budge, we phoned the driver who laughed at us saying how could we not start the truck which had no history of any problems,

“Suprisingly, when the driver came back to work, he started the truck without any issues,” said the source.

The source said that the new driver moved the truck to the diesel bowser and switched it off while it filled up with diesel and started packing his things.

By then, the old driver had left with a new truck.

While, packing his stuff the new driver saw a yet unidentified creature in the truck cab.

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“We saw the new driver jump out of the truck screaming for help. Upon asking him he said he had seen a tokoloshe in the truck cab

“Everyone was hesitant until our foreman, a white man, lol!, came and we explained to him what was going on,” said the source.

He said that the foreman climbed into the truck and checked where the new driver said he found the tokoloshe.

He found something like a head of a hyena or wild dog.

After removing it, the truck, again refused to start.

When the old driver was contacted he expressed no knowledge of the weird creature and claimed ignorence on why the truck was refusing to start.

“The driver is away on a trip to Maputo hence only when he comes will we be able to see if he can start it,” said the source.

The pictures appeared on social media and as usual, have sparked a heated debate about whether tokoloshes exist or not.

“If the truck did not give problems, we would say maybe the creature was a head from an animal the driver hit with the truck, but that creature doesn’t look like something anyone can eat,” read one comment.

“Ask the driver to cleanse the truck, otherwise anyone who uses that truck, that is if at all someone else can, will be in a very big accident #WitchcraftIsReal,” read another comment.

Comments from non-Africans however, reflect that they don’t believe muthi can stop the engine from starting.

“There is nothing like that, diagnose the truck properly and see what the problem is, there is no amount of muthi that can stop my perfect truck from starting,” read one comment.

The comment is followed by several warnings from others who believe that tokoloshes are real and may catch him one day.

Weird stories of truck drivers engaging tokoloshes to drive for them have always been there but the absence of tangible evidence makes the stories all fairy tales.

After seeing the pictures, please share your thoughts in Facebook comments below.

Tokoloshe like creature found in truck, now engine won't start IMG 20200716 WA0726 scaled
Tokoloshe like creature found in truck, now engine won't start IMG 20200716 WA0723 scaled

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