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Speed cameras disguised as electricity boxes have surfaced in many highways including in Msunduzi municipality.

Recently motorists have noticed the new yellow, metal boxes but many were unaware that they were speeding cameras.

Motorists said their confusion rose when the boxes “disappeared and then reappeared” from day to day.

The boxes are in fact new Icam traffic cameras, which are not only smart cameras but are moveable as well.

Imam said the new look speeding cameras look “like electricity boxes”.

According to service provider Traffic Management Technologies [TMT] website, the new Icam traffic cameras weigh about two kilograms and have a laser and radar speed measuring device. The high definition camera can capture an infringement from as far away as 250 metres and can store up to 50 000 infringements. This often means that it is too late for motorists to slow down once they realise they are approaching a speed trap.

The device also uses Itrack for stolen vehicles or vehicles with unpaid fines that are on the special interest screening list and alerts traffic officers to the approaching vehicle for them to follow up on. Apart from speed checking, it can also capture red light violations.

Msunduzi municipality says the movable cameras are legal and were installed to “keep roads safer”.

“This is not undercover trapping of speedsters, but is just a new look for the cameras. The city manages and issues the fines,” said municipal acting spokesperson Nqobile Madonda.

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