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Traffic officer nabbed for taking a sheep carcass as a bribe from trucker

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When they say don’t think with your stomach, they mean people like this Namibian traffic officer who thought of filling up his tummy with mutton instead of issuing a fine to an offending trucker.

Well, he can only blame his strong desire for mutton, now that he faces corruption charges.

The traffic official was arrested in Swakopmund after accepting a sheep carcass from a truck driver instead of issuing a fine.

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According to the report provided by the Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC), the incident involving the 54-year-old Sergeant Moses Naseb occurred on Wednesday at the intersection of Dr Libertine Amadhila and Nathaniel Maxhuilili Street of the coastal town.

Naseb was arrested after he allegedly solicited a bribe from a butchery owner who was driving a delivery truck.

“It is alleged that Sergeant Naseb solicited a bribe payment in the form of a sheep carcass valued at N$2 000 instead of charging the truck driver for contravening the Traffic and Transportation Act after butchery owner was caught displaying a forged license disc and permit for transportation on a truck,” states the report.

Sergeant Naseb was charged with Contravening of Section 33 (a) and (b) of the Anti-Corruption Act, (Act No.8 of 2003).

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That is when a person commits an offence who, directly or indirectly, corruptly solicits or accepts or agrees to accept for the benefit of himself or herself or any other person any gratification as- (a) an inducement to do or to omit to do anything; (b) a reward for having done or having omitted to do anything.

During the arrest, the sheep’s carcass was confiscated and Sergeant Naseb appeared in the Swakopmund Magistrate’s Court on Thursday.

He was set free on bail of N$5 000 and the matter was postponed until 29 May 2020 for further investigation.

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