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Truck driver ambushed and stabbed to death at company premises

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A truck driver has died after being stabbed by an unknown man with a knife at his workplace on Thursday morning.

The incident happened at Wallance Transport premises in Springs.

It is alleged that a suspect ambushed the driver as he arrived at the company premises, “the suspect jumped onto the steps of the truck on the driver’s side as the driver was turning into the yard and stabbed him on the neck,” said a witness.

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The driver managed to bring the truck to a halt and came out to seek help from workmates on the premises but he, unfortunately, fell to the ground and died.

When paramedics arrived at the scene the victim had already died.

The suspect fled the scene and no arrests have been made.

The motive of the attack is not known at stage.

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wallance transport truck driver stabbed

truck driver killed

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