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Truck Driver Burns To Death In Two-Truck Crash On N3 – Video

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A truck driver burned to death in a two truck horror crash on N3 freeway near Ladysmith on Friday night (27/04/2018).

According to Philip Hull of Community Medical Services, first on scene, the probable cause was a head-tail collision with the one truck careening into the rear of the other.

The cab of the rear truck burst into flames and the driver was trapped in the cab and burned to death as a result, his co-driver escaped death but sustained burn injuries.

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There was nothing that could be done for him as no-one could get close due to the intensity of the fire. The driver of the front truck managed to pull away but his rear trailer had by then caught alight.

He drove for a few metres then stopped and unhitched the rear trailer to prevent damage to the total rig.


Rest in peace Trucker. We also wish the injured co-driver a speedy recovery.

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