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Truck Driver Catches Wife Red Handed In Bed With Another Driver

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After a timely tip off a Durban based truck driver caught his wife red handed in bed with another truck driver in their Alberton home. The man she was cheating with is apparently also married.

A neighbour who got fed up with the duo’s shenanigans alerted the woman’s husband.

According to sources the husband came unannounced on Friday and together with his friend they lay waiting for the man to come as he always did but he never pitched up.

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Determined to catch the cheating couple in the act the friends tried again on the second night and got them this time.

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Around 23h00 it’s alleged they saw the man sneak into the woman’s bedroom and patiently waited until around 03h00 the following morning.

When they knocked on the door it was locked and the cheating woman was not willing to open especially after learning that it was her husband. The man kicked open the door and found the two lovebirds undressed on the man’s bed. The man was so enraged he wanted to assault the couple but neighbours did well to contain him.

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The cheating trucker who this reporter has reliably learnt to be Simba Matarirano working in Joburg is lucky to have escaped the wrath of the man he scorned, thanks to the neighbours who did not want blood spilt

Upon interrogation the two admitted to have been sleeping together even before the woman’s husband moved to Durban. They say they have been in love from way back in Gokwe, Zimbabwe where they grew up together.

It is not known what will happen of the two’s marriage.

Truck Driver Catches Wife Red Handed In Bed With Another Driver liberty

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