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Truck Driver Fends Off Attackers on Pothole-Ridden R54, Warns Fellow Truckers

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A truck driver narrowly escaped a robbery attempt and managed to fend off his attackers on the notorious pothole-ridden R54 near Villiers on Wednesday night.

The trucker, who wishes to remain anonymous, shared his harrowing experience to warn fellow drivers about the increasing criminal activity in the area.

The incident unfolded as the driver was navigating the treacherous stretch of road, infamous for its dangerous potholes.

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“I noticed two people standing next to one of the biggest potholes on the road,” the driver recounted. “They wanted me to look to the right, but I didn’t notice the one on the left. When I slowed down to pass the pothole, the guy on the left pulled my trailer brake.”

Realizing something was amiss as his truck began to slow down, the driver forced his rig to keep moving, suspecting foul play.

Eventually, he brought the truck to a stop, already prepared with his firearm cocked and ready.

“Three guys came to my left door and another two to my right, knocking violently and asking me to open up. I lowered my window slightly and fired a shot at them, then another. They ran for their lives. I ended up laughing, knowing they picked the wrong guy.”

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While the driver was able to defend himself, he stressed how the situation could have been dire if he wasn’t armed or prepared.

“It would have been very different if I was not armed or if the gun wasn’t ready,” he noted.

The driver urged others travelling the R54, especially at night, to be extremely vigilant.

“Watch out for these suspects and always be alert when you slow down for the potholes. They use these traps to ambush unsuspecting drivers.”

SA Trucker appeals to the local municipality to address the dire state of the R54.

Watch: Side tipper truck crashes after hitting a big pothole on R54 Villiers/Vereeniging Road

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The numerous potholes not only cause accidents but are now being exploited by criminals to endanger lives.

Immediate repair and maintenance of this road are crucial to ensure the safety of all motorists, especially truck drivers who are vital to our economy.

If you have any encounters or information about these criminals, report them to the authorities immediately or send to SA Trucker via WhatsApp on 0847178431 .

Stay safe out there, and keep those wheels turning!

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