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Truck driver killed by ‘truck jumping the queue’ at Kasumbalesa border post

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There was more stressing news on top of that of following along a winding queue at Kasumbalesa border post for truckers. One of their own was crushed by another truck which they thought was jumping the queue on Friday morning.

The queue at the Zambia/DRC border has been growing longer by each day since the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic.

SA Truckers who witnessed the unfortunate incident reported the incident.

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It is alleged that drivers were sitting outside their trucks whiling up time in the queue when another truck came.

As it overtook their trucks, they assumed that he was trying to outsmart them and rejoin the line ahead of them.

They blocked him, forcing him to stop and approached him to ask why he was overtaking.

As others spoke to the driver, the now deceased, sat on the bumper of the truck.

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It didn’t take long for those interrogating him to understand the driver that he was not crossing the border.

After he showed them his papers that he was delivering just before the border post, they let him go.

Meanwhile, the driver allegedly did not see that there was someone sitting on the bumper, then he started moving.

Witnesses reported that they yelled at the driver to stop, warning him of the trucker sitting on the bumper.

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When he eventually stopped, the man had reportedly slipped and fell, then he was crushed by the front left wheel of the truck.

When paramedics arrived, there was nothing they could do for the man who reportedly died instantly after being run over.



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