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A truck driver is the talk of town around Pretoria after effecting a citizen arrest on a robbery suspect in a very bizarre way.

On Saturday afternoon at the intersection of Johannes Ramokhoase St and M1 in the Marabastad area  a 19 year old suspect who is now in police custody robbed an old lady of her purse and cellphone and ran away. Unfortunately for him or rather fortunately for the old lady he ran towards an alert truck driver, Mr Chawatama who witnessed the whole shameful actions of the young man taking advantage of the old lady.

Chawatama, an ex-policeman from Zimbabwe armed with his 26 wheeler monster truck sprung  into action using his truck to intentionally knock the hell out of the young robber. He knocked the robber throwing him some two metres from the truck bull bar and quickly jumped out to press him down as he stumbled to get back on his feet.

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A passing SAPS van made his job a whole lot easier as they came straight away to join in and handcuff the suspect.

The suspect stopped the police from contacting the ambulance claiming he was not hurt and as you might have guessed, the truck was not damaged in any way.

“I thought I had just witnessed an unfortunate accident but was surprised to see the driver rush to press the victim down but when I saw the purse and an okapi lying next the suspect I knew he had done something horrible and justice had quickly caught up with him” said Mpho Sebeng an eyewitness.

Asked if he was not afraid he would kill the suspect with his truck Chawatama so adamant replied “I am so fed up of witnessing crime and not acting, I always pull myself back when the inner part of me wants to act and today I just could not hold back seeing the old lady throwing herself to the ground and crying helplessly. I had to do something at any cost, now I am happy magogo has her purse and cellphone back and that he is not hurt he should thank his gods.”

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“We salute the courage of Mr. Chawatama who didn’t think twice to help a vulnerable old lady at the most crucial time even risking killing the suspect but all for the good cause of fighting crime and now our job is almost done thanks to our partnership with a cooperating community” said Colonel Vusi Mahlangu.

The suspect will appear in court on Monday.

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