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Truck drivers earn more in these sectors than others

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You can earn more as a truck driver if you improve your skills. Many people are happy to get their Code 14 licence and PrDP then look for a truck driving job but it should be noted that the two are probably just the minimum requirements to get into truck driving.

I’m sure you don’t want to enter the trade and leave at the same level.

You may also be surprised that there are ‘truck drivers’ who are earning at least R30 000 per month today.

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“I earn R16 000 and I’m a complete trucker, what is special with these guys to earn so much?” you may ask yourself.

There is more to truck driving than just reversing onto the loading bay, load-up then hit it to the customer and repeat the same thing over and over then expect at the end of the month to get a big fat salary.

If you aim to be more than just a truck driver, you will definitely end up reaping the rewards.

Most paying truck driving jobs in South Africa

  • Crane operator/driver
  • Tanker driver

The above-listed truck driving-related jobs are the most paying that requires a minimum of a Code 14 licence.  There is training or courses that one requires to end up in these jobs.

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Many truck drivers know what they are but they just seem to be content with the minimum truck driver salary they are getting.

Remember, if not for experience, there is nothing else that separates you from one who passed his code 14 driving test today.

To qualify for these lucrative truck driving jobs requires time, dedication and discipline.

How to become one of the highest-paid truck drivers

Always drive cautiously to avoid unnecessary accidents – maintain a clean licence.

Stay out of crime – there are traffic offences that can get you a criminal record, for example, reckless driving. I have mentioned traffic offences only knowing that many would say that they are not criminals hence they don’t need to worry.

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Enrol for  Hazchem training – you need a Hazardous Chemical training certificate to convey dangerous goods associated with the tanker driving job.

It is an added advantage also to do a fire fighting course.

To operate a mobile crane, one needs a certificate which is obtained after completing a course of at least one week.

As a truck driver, you may also consider other options building from your experience as a driver.

You can become a very successful transport manager.

In conclusion, aim higher than where you are, not necessarily changing your trade and see where you get.

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