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Truck drivers ridicule prayer by EPS Courier Services boss after burning of trucks

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EPS Courier Services is getting little sympathy, if any, from the truck drivers after the company suffered an arson attack on Friday night.

Truck drivers, who were not pleased by the shooting of their colleagues on the same premises at Gosforth Park, have not hidden their amusement at the ‘attack’ on the company.

After the trucks were torched, one of the EPS Courier Services boss took to social media, praying that the company may be able to conquer.

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The prayer was quickly leaked to the drivers, some who are still nursing wounds sustained from the gunshots at the hands of the company’s armed security guards.

The reactions have been horrific to describe at the very least.

The prayer read:

Good Morning Everyone.

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In the light of the situation we are in can I ask that all of you on this group pray with us this morning.

This is a spirit we fighting in the spiritual realm her name is Jezebel…she always work with the spirit if Ahab….her main task is to destroy and to silence in submission and fear.

Well this morning we coming against that spirit. And we declare that we have the victory . And we will not be silenced into submission. We are under the blood. And we are protected by the most High.

Abba father we now command that everything that enemy is planning be cut off in the name of Yeshua.

Abba Father we command the spirit of lucifer to give back what he has destroyed and we thank you Abba Father that we will be better off then we ever were.

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Let loose Your Holy Spirit and Abba I come and draw a bloodline around EPS premises trucks family business and I declare it cannot be touched because You have given the angela charge to look after us.

Abba father break it of now. And devil we will not keep quite. Thank you that you just cause us to have it better than ever before. Jezebel your neck is broken and you have no authority over the kids of Abba Father.

Abba we come and we close every door gate and mirror. We cut ever hex and vex with the blood of the lamb . We thank You for full restoration and we Thank You Daddy that you are our Provider…I pray this in the blood of the Lamb Yeshua Ha machiach Son of God Amen .

The battle is won the victory is ours. Amen

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