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Trucker brutally attacked by robbers then gets seriously injured during rescue

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A cross border truck driver has shared his terrible ordeal in which he was brutally attacked by robbers before getting seriously injured during the rescue mission on the Harare-Chirundu highway over the weekend.

The trucker reported that robbers jumped onto his truck as it struggled uphill just after Chinhoyi in Zimbabwe on his way to Zambia.

They cut off the Suzi pipes to immobilise the truck and quickly jumped onto the driver’s side to force him to open the door.

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According to the truck driver, he tried to stop them from opening the door. When they eventually opened it, they hit him with an iron bar on the head.

“I jumped off the truck and ran away leaving them in the truck,” said the truck driver.

He then desperately waved passing vehicles seeking help as he was bleeding profusely.

“A truck coming from Chirundu slowed down as it approached me then I jumped onto the passenger door before he could even stop fearing that he would pass me,” he said.

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He hanged onto the doorsteps as the trucker panicked and started accelerating.

The victim said that he became weak as the bleeding continued unabated and fell off the truck.

Only then, the other driver stopped and ran back to check on the badly injured man.

When the victim explained his story to the driver he then took him to hospital in Chinhoyi.

The victim told SA Trucker that the driver did not trust that he needed help, “he told me that he thought that I was actually a robber but only realised when I fell off the truck that I may have been a victim.”

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The victim suffered bruises all over his limbs.

He was admitted to Chinhoyi General Hospital where he is recovering.


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