Trucker dies on his birthday after suffering heart attack while driving

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A South African truck driver is being hailed brave even in death after he managed to safely pull off the road while suffering a heart attack which he eventually succumbed to.

The driver, Johan Buys, died yesterday on the N4 highway near Bronkhonspruit after suffering a heart attack.

Johan Buys
Johan Buys in happier times Pic: Facebook

Concerned citizens informed the police of a truck parked on the highway, when they went to investigate they found the truck driver was not well and called paramedics.


Unfortunately when the paramedics arrived a few minutes later the man had passed on.

Paramedics confirmed the man had suffered a heart attack and pronounced him dead on the scene.

Buys was a well known trucker in the industry and his death has robbed many of a friend and tutor.

What makes Buys’ death more painful is that he died on his birthday.

SA TRUCKER says Rest In Peace soldier and our deepest condolences to his family and friends.

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