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Truckers’ Frequently asked Questions-1

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Q- Driving an empty truck does the 80km/h speed limit apply or only when I’m loaded?

A- Any goods vehicle with a GVM or truck-tractor with a GCM of more than 9 000 kg must adhere to the 80 km/h. It does not matter if it is loaded or not. The GVM is the maximum capacity not the mass the vehicle weighs at the time.

GVM= Gross Vehicle Mass, which means the maximum mass capacity of the vehicle and load

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GCM= Gross Combination Mass, which means the mass of vehicle and attached trailer plus load.

Facts on speeding

There are three types of speeding – all dangerous:

  • low level – here a driver travels just over the speed limit – usually by 5km/hr. This is the most common form of speeding.
  • excessive – deliberate and well over the speed limit
  • inappropriate – travelling a speed too fast for the conditions, such as when the road is wet or slippery.

If you speed:

  • you have less time to avoid crashes
  • you have less control over the vehicle
  • it lengthens your stopping distance
  • it increases the likelihood of crashing and
  • increases the severity of the crash
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