Following a notice doing rounds on social media by the All Truck Drivers Foundation (ATDF) of a planned national shutdown from 23 to 28 August 2020, the Road Freight Association (RFA) has warned member trucking companies to be vigilant.

“Whilst this is an “official” notice from the ATDF (they are known to distance themselves from this sort of thing when contacted for verification – especially where violent acts are committed),” read part of a statement by RFA.

Trucking companies have been asking if indeed the shutdown will happen given that past calls went unheeded.

RFA says that members should be more vigilant this time as instigators can now roam the highways with much ease following the easing of the lockdown to level 2.

Stringent lockdown measures may have hindered the ATDF strikes.

Trucking companies are warned to take the notice seriously and have countermeasures in place.

“The plan may be to catch the industry and security services off-guard,” says RFA.

It is important to consider the threat as real and members should plan accordingly.

“We have the standing interdict obtained earlier in the year to hold individuals an organisations calling for violence and unrest accountable – as well as the National Commissioner of the SAPS in terms of not taking the appropriate action to safeguard lives and property.”

RFA says that they are constantly engaging with other Parties to Council and the relevant authorities to implement the solutions provided so that the causes for this unacceptable action can be resolved once and for all.

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