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Trucking company fires workers, implements No Work No Pay and warns of impending layoffs

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The reality of a job bloodbath due to the COVID-19 pandemic has started manifesting as companies start implementing the No Work No Pay scenario and laying off the locked down employees.

The trucking industry has not been spared as only those doing essential work have been allowed to continue.

SA Trucker has seen a memorandum sent out to employees of a Gauteng trucking company in which it announces the immediate termination of contracts for temporary employees while warning the remaining staff of the impending retrenchments to curb the losses incurred during the lockdown.

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South Africa entered into a second phase of the lockdown which will last for two weeks from 17 April as announced by President Cyril Ramaphosa.

The company which specialises in abnormal transport, notes that it respects the lockdown and goes on to ask the employees to understand the negative impact the lockdown has had on its operations and the economy as a whole.

The company goes on to say that as from 17 April 2020 until 30 April 2020 every employee will be subject to the “No Work No Pay” scenario until everything returns to normalcy and advises employees to use their available leave days to make up for the loss of income if they wish.

“Please note that No Work No Pay will continue to apply as long as the lockdown ensues and/or you are unable to perform your duties.
We have to be realistic about what the market will be like when we return. Forecasts currently indicate that we should expect less
work than what we have been used to before COVID-19. The company must adjust to the new environment as quickly as
possible.” reads part of the memo.

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Summarising the course of action in its bid to stay afloat, the company announces that it will downsize the fleet, terminate all temporary contracts, ask employees to go on voluntary retrenchment and as a last resort retrench more employees to ensure that the company stays in business.

When contacted for comment the trucking company refused to confirm or deny the memorandum, however, inside sources confirmed that the memorandum was indeed sent out to all the employees.


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