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Trucks burnt, drivers hurt in yet another wave of truck attacks in Durban

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Durban truckers are urged to be more vigilant when working at night following a fresh wave of attacks on Monday night.

Several trucks were stoned and another burned on South Coast road near Grindrod Intermodal container depot.

Reports started coming in from around 20h00.

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Witnesses say a brown Toyota Atios with three male occupants attacked the truck.

“Upon noticing the attackers, the driver jumped out of the truck and fled into the container depot. Two men came out of the car and threw a petrol bomb onto the truck,” said a witness.

Another truck was attacked as it joined the M4 after leaving the same depot. The driver, a South African citizen, was not so lucky, he was hit with a sharp object and sustained two cuts in the head.

SA Trucker received distress calls and voicenotes confirming drivers were threatened at the corner of Bluff and South Coast roads.

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The attackers were demanding that foreign drivers leave their trucks and let South African drivers take over.

On Bayhead road, another trucker said that attackers using a white Quantum taxi blocked him and came out with guns.

“Without even thinking, I drove towards the taxi, which upon noticing my move, hastily drove off. I was lucky I got away but I am afraid to work at night now,” said the truck driver.

Recent truck attack trends show that they happen between 20h00 and 23h00, truckers are advised to be extra careful if they have to work during that time.

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