Two Red Ants killed in Hammerskraal chaos

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It was complete mayhem and the situation remains tense in Hammanskraal, north of Pretoria, following violent protests which claimed the lives of two Red Ants employees. Dozens of angry protesters at Suurman and Sekampaneng villages went on the rampage, setting three buses alight and barricading roads.

Police say the protest comes after the removal of shacks that the residents had erected illegally in the area.

A number of people were injured, with two others, critical.


This, following their eviction by the Red Ant security relocation and eviction services.

Pandemonium broke out after an army of Red Ants pounced on illegal occupants bringing down their shacks.

Three buses were set alight, with nearby residents later scavenging steel from the wreckage.

Traffic was also delayed as motorists tried to navigate their way out of the area.

Witness Steve Moima, says, “There were some buses burnt with petrol bombs and all those kind of things. They’ve blocked the roads; the children didn’t go to school … our children, we don’t even know where they are.”

Two Red Ants were killed in the process and two people sustained serious injuries.

Station Commander Mmanakana Tselapedi, says, “Within the Hammanskraal vicinity, the situation is contained. We do not know what the intention of the community is. As soon as the eviction is already completed, we don’t know of their plans but their plan, according to what we heard, is to come to the mall and the shopping complex of the councillor.”

Police are keeping a watchful eye.

Source; sabc

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