One person has died and two people have been injured after two trucks collided with each other on Douglass Barkley road in Kimberley.

Reports from the scene indicate that both trucks burst into flames after colliding with each other.

When Netcare911 paramedics arrived on scene, they discovered that one person had already died due to the extensive injuries he sustained.
They also found that one other man sustained minor injuries while the other man who was still trapped in the wreckage was in a critical condition.

Paramedics and the Kimberley Fire Department had to extricate the man using the jaws of life from the wreckage.

Netcare911 paramedics worked alongside other emergency services on scene including the Kimberley Fire Department to extinguish the fire.

One man believed to be the driver for the other truck was declared on scene by a Netcare911 paramedic.The other driver was critical but stable and was ferried to the hospital.

This accident happened on Wednesday evening at about 20h15

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