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Video: Cross border truckers cry foul over filthy ablution facilities and long queues at Kasumbalesa

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Cross border truck drivers using the Kasumbalesa border from Zambia to the Democratic Republic of the Congo are crying foul over dirty and malfunctioning ablution facilities on the Zambian side of the busy border post.

SADC Truck Drivers Association of Zambia regional coordinator Andrew K. Kabaghe said only a few of the 10 bathrooms are working.

Kabaghe bemoaned the failure of the governments of Zambia and DRC for failing to address the delays transporters face at the border post which then overwhelms all border facilities.

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“We are therefore appealing to both DRC and Zambian Government to consider rehabilitating and increasing the number of toilets and bathrooms at both Kasumbalesa borders,” said Kabaghe.

He said the queue keeps stretching on Zambian roads which is now likely to reach Kitwe saying that the number of trucks entering Gomes Parkings has also swelled to the level of eroding all sanitary facilities.

He blamed the congestion at the border on transporters who enter the border without pre-clearing.

“Trucking companies, especially from Zimbabwe, South Africa, Tanzania and some mines or clients who are willing to pay $25 penalties per day after first 24hrs of their cargo’s entry into the parking cause the congestion at the border,” he said.

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“This afternoon, after a random survey at the Congolese parking, found trucks for Whelson, Leo and other Tanzanian companies are spending many days in the parking, thereby depriving others of accessing the border,

“Worst on the list is a Leo Logistics vehicle with registration number ABN0828 which entered the facility on 27th April 2022 and is still there (as of 20th May 2022, 16:00hrs),” Kabaghe added.

Solutions to Kasumbalesa congestion

“Others have 2 to 6 days of depriving others of the same parking spots. It is for this reason that we are again appealing to the Congolese authorities to consider putting a ban on longer than 4 days irrespective of the penalties charged so that others can be allowed access.

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“If Congolese authorities can’t act, the Chililabombwe Municipal Council should consider making a bye-law that prohibits trucks without T1/Clearance from Congo from accessing the border.

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“The last checkpoint for trucks without papers should be the last truck park at Kasumbalesa. And owners of truck parks should create a WhatsApp group through which they can be sharing their vacant spaces in order to determine how many spaces are required per area to avoid congesting the roads.

“This will deter selfish companies and negligent clients from depriving those who pre-clear their cargo of smooth and quick passage to DRC,” concluded Kabaghe.

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