Gogo riding on a truck

A video of a woman riding at the back of a truck in between the horse and the trailer somewhere in South Africa, has caused a heated debate on social media.

Users have debated about the dangers the woman exposed herself to while also weighing the level of desperation that pushed her to do it.

It’s too dangerous and should never be encouraged under any circumstances. There are so many things that could go wrong leading to injury or even loss of life.

Did the driver know? Well,from the comments one would say the trucker may not have known that he had a passenger. That means that the woman may have sneaked onto the truck without the driver noticing.

Many comments express that this would not happen without the driver’s approval because upon inspection before starting his journey, he would have noticed.

There are some who think that the driver may have felt sorry for the woman due to her circumstances and offered to lift her away from the truck cameras’ sight.

One social media user says, “This is just sad to see how the elderly have to make a plan to survive and travel in this country.”

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It’s hard to figure out how she ended up there without speaking to her or the driver.

Users list a heep of things that could go wrong during the ride, “And what if she unplugs the cable she’s holding on?,” one user asks.

Certainly, unpluging of the suzi pipes will mean instant disaster as the truck will either stop abruptly or it may lose brakes on the trailer.

“Then what happens when truck turn full left hand direction, is she not gonna get injured?,” asks another.

Turning left means the left elbow of the trailer gets closer to the horse and has to pass over the place she is sitting, that will be disastrous.

Another user mentions the danger of her falling and the being runover by the trailer wheels. The risk is real considering how she is sitting with her leg stretched and not holding anywhere.

She is also exposed to another risk of her dress catching fire as it is touching the exhaust silencer which heats up as the engine runs.

It hasn’t yet been established where the video was taken.

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