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Watch: ATDF founder Sipho Zungu heckled called sellout by truck drivers

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Sipho Zungu, former chairman and founder of the ATDF has was heckled by truck drivers who were looking for jobs at ERB Logistics in KZN.

In a video sent to SA Trucker, Zungu could be seen trying to address the drivers but they would take none of it.

According to a source, Zungu, who is now alleged to be working for Innovative Staffing Solutions (ISS) was trying to address the job seekers but they could not let him as they accused him of being a sellout.

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It could not be immediately confirmed if Zungu was indeed working for ISS.

“It’s him Zungu, it’s him, he is a sellout. Why are you killing your own people?” one of the truck drivers can be heard shouting in the video.

The drivers had a fallout with ISS staff after they told them ERB was not recruiting but they should apply for employment at ISS instead.

Amongst other reasons the drivers disagreed with the ISS staff was that they said they could only entertain drivers who have licences that are at least 10 years old.

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Some videos posted on social media show the men trying to explain to the job seekers about the requirements but they didn’t like what they were hearing.

That’s when Zungu tried to intervene. He was blocked by shouts that he is a sellout and was killing his own people.

Zungu was ousted from the then ATDF and the new leadership formed ATDF ASA which is an alliance between ATDF and Allied South Africa.

Who is the founder of ATDF?

Sipho Zungu is the founder of the ATDF. However, Zungu was ousted from the chairmanship of the group of local truck drivers and it changed to ATDF-ASA which stands for All Truck Drivers Foundation Allied South Asfrica

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