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Watch: Cow finds itself in a tricky entanglement under a fuel tanker

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In a rare trucking in Africa moment, a cow found itself lodged underneath a fuel tanker at Forbes border post between Zimbabwe and Mozambique.

Acoording to the explanation by the trucker he was approaching the border when the cow suddenly ran on the road.

“It looks like the cow thought it could make it to the other side but because I was moving, it ended up lodged underneath the tanker,” said the trucker.

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He says that he saw the cow sneak under the trailer and immediately stopped to avoid hurting it.

When he stopped, the cow had already squeezed itself in a very tight corner under the fuel tanker.

He can be heard in the video explaining how the cow ended getting stuck.

To get it out of the entanglement the driver and other onlookers had to trip the cow then pull it out.

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It was not an easy operation as they carefully worked to rescue it while avoiding hurting it.

Truck incidents with animals are a common thing in Southern Africa but never had something like this happened before.

Snakes have been found in the truck engine compartments and sometimes even in the cab. But a cow somehow ‘safely’ lodged under a fuel tanker is indeed a first.

Video of the delicate rescue mission below;

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