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Watch: Dashcam captures hair raising near head-on crash

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Head-on crashes are one of the deadliest type of motor vehicle collisions and are usually caused by negligent drivers.

One such driver captured in this video could have caused a serious collision, even fatal.

The worst part is that since he is driving a truck, he could come out unscathed but the same cannot be said for the car driver.

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As heavy-duty truck drivers, we all know how dangerous it is to overtake two trucks at one go and on a curve.

Doing this on a two-way road is unforgivable if something bad happens. The video at the end of the article will show you what I’m talking about, read on or go straight to the video.

Common Causes of Head-On Car Accidents

Driver negligence is the most common factor in the majority of causes of head-on collisions on our roads. With the vehicle under control as the driver is dutied to do, there is no way one would crash into something they can see.

Crossing the centre line. Crossing the centre line at prohibited places leads to devastating outcomes. Road engineers put continuous solid lines after careful considerations of motorists’ safety. Ignoring such means you will pay dearly.

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Distracted driving. If a driver is talking on a cell phone or texting, eating, drinking, his eyes and mind are not on the road. In a few seconds, he could veer into oncoming traffic without realizing it until it is too late.

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Taking a curve too fast. When a driver speeds around a curve, his chances of losing control of his vehicle and crashing into oncoming vehicles increases greatly.

Wrong-way driving. If a driver is driving the wrong way on a one-way street or a highway entrance or exit ramp, a head-on collision is extremely likely. Often other negligent behaviours, such as drowsy or drunk driving, also contribute to this unsafe driving behaviour.

Drowsy driving. Truckers are prone to this ‘disease’ as their working conditions usually cause them to be fatigued. When a driver is drowsy or falls asleep behind the wheel, he can easily veer into oncoming traffic. Recent studies have found that driving when drowsy can be as dangerous as driving when drunk.

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Overspeeding. The combination of speeding and hitting another vehicle head-on almost guarantees that the victims will suffer catastrophic injuries or die.

Impaired driving. When a driver is intoxicated in general, his reaction times are slower, he is drowsy, and his general driving skills are impaired. This can cause him to make poor decisions, such as mistakenly going the wrong way on a road or falling asleep at the wheel. A head-on collision is the tragic result.

Unsafe overtaking. When an impatient driver passes where passing is not permitted, he could easily crash into another vehicle’s front end at a fast speed as he tries to race past the vehicle in front of him. Like in the video below.

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