Dashcam video of cash van under attack

Dashcam video footage of a cash in transit escort van under attack from robbers has emerged on social media. In the video the escort van is shot at by armed robbers and it gets rammed onto as they try to immobilize it.

The driver can be seen visibly shaken but quickly regains his focus and tries so hard to keep the van under control.

The video has gone viral on social media platforms attracting praise for the crew who maintained their cool in terrific circumstances.

“This man has skills how to handle terrible situation no need to panic just relax and don’t stop keep driving until at a safe place then pull out your machine start the war,” read one comment by Steven Van Wyk.

Ramps Regi Tsepana had this to say, “Beautiful defence driving i stand and salute the driver. And they were both brave nice one and i bet yiu they gave up”.[sic]

Anti-Crime activist Yusuf Abramjee tweeted images of the aftermath which shows the van, a double cab Toyota Landcruiser with only the windows shattered.

Abramjee reported that the cruiser driver managed to take out two of the robbers’ vehicles.

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Both the driver and his crew survived the attack but unfortunately one person from another escort vehicle was fatally shot.

The rogues went home empty handed.

Watch the video below.

Article updated to include the aftermath of the attack

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