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Watch: Gauteng community slaughters 12 cows injured in crash with truck

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It’s human instinct upon seeing a person or animal injured in a crash to help, calling an ambulance maybe, but not for this Gauteng community.

Their love for meat coupled with a worrying looting culture provided them an irresistible opportunity to finish off cows injured in a crash with a truck on R28 near the N12 intersection.

They allegedly killed the injured cows and tore them apart to share amongst themselves.

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Videos from the horrific scene shows at least 12 cows laying either dead or injured.

Another video shows hundreds of people busy cutting meat from the slaughtered cows.

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Another video, which has gone viral online, shows a woman making off with a cow head. A traffic policewoman is captured filming her as she is running away with her loot.

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The incident reportedly happened on Saturday afternoon.

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