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Watch: Golf 5 driver in close call with death as car spins on busy freeway

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A video of a Golf 5 spinning on a busy freeway after slamming on brakes in the middle of fast moving traffic and how a bus driver expertly manages to avoid crashing into it has gone viral online.

In the video we see the Golf 5 in the fast lane, speeding past slower motorists, but he didn’t see the cars slowing down ahead of him in time. As he slams on the brakes the car spins and faces sideways crossing the freeway.

At first it looks like the bus from which the video was taken would avoid colliding with the Golf as it remained in the fast lane even after going sideways, but then we see it slip back into the middle lane, straight into the path of the bus.

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Thankfully the bus driver was paying attention and managed to bring the vehicle to a stop seemingly within millimetres of the Golf’s doors.

This could have been a very nasty accident were it not for the bus driver’s reactions.

Following those few nervous moments, the bus passengers are clearly elated as we hear them applaud the driver.

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