Watch: Motorist flung into swimming pool in N2 Bluewater Bay accident

A VW Golf driver is lucky to be alive after he lost control of his vehicle on the N2 and crashed through a perimeter wall before being flung into a swimming pool on the property in Bluewater Bay.

CCTV footage on the property captured the crash. The VW Golf can be seen crashing through the wall before it rests at the edge of the pool.

As it lands, the driver is flung out and lands in the pool.

The video plays on for over a minute showing the driver submerged until the hone owner comea to his rescue.

Bluewater bay n2 crash

Paramedics who attended the scene indicated that the driver did not drown because he may already have been unconscious when he was thrown into the pool.

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He was rushed to hospital in a serious but stable state.

The accident on Sunday morning.

Watch the video below:

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