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Watch: N3 Freeway Blocked by Taxi Protest at Pavilion

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The city of Durban has been plunged into traffic chaos as taxi drivers have initiated a series of blockades on major roads, including the N3 freeway.

The protest, which has brought traffic to a standstill in multiple areas, has prompted urgent warnings from local authorities and community policing forums.

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The Westville Community Policing Forum (CPF) issued a warning early today, alerting residents to avoid key routes affected by the taxi blockades. In a statement, the CPF said:

Dear Community,

There are confirmed reports of taxi blockades this morning. One such impacts N3 Bound after Pavilion, bringing a halt to traffic. Another vicinity includes the Umgeni road area near Game. Metro and SAPS are aware and have despatched teams. For now, it is best to avoid the areas and take alternate routes or delay travel till further news is made available.

Westville CPF

The affected areas include both directions of the N3 near Pavilion, Greyville, and the Umgeni Road area near Game. According to reports, taxis have parked across the lanes, effectively blocking traffic flow and causing significant delays.

taxi strike n3 pavilion
Traffic was stacked on both directions. Pic supplied

Adding to the complexity of the situation, passengers from the blocked taxis, including school children, have exited their vehicles and are walking towards Durban.

This has led to pedestrians on highways, increasing the risk of accidents and prompting calls for heightened driver caution.

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Metro Police and the South African Police Service (SAPS) have been dispatched to the affected areas to manage the situation and attempt to restore order.

However, the blockades have already resulted in extensive traffic congestion, and there is no clear timeline for when the roads will be fully reopened.

Authorities are urging motorists to avoid the affected routes if possible and to remain patient while they work to clear the blockades. Commuters are advised to seek alternative routes or delay their travel plans until further notice.

It’s not yet clear why the taxi drivers are protesting.

The taxi industry is a vital part of South Africa’s public transport system, but it is also frequently at the centre of disputes and protests.

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For the latest updates, please monitor local news channels and social media for further announcements from Metro Police.

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