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Watch: Nails scattered on roads, trucks burnt during Lichtenburg protests

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Police in the North West province has advised motorists to avoid Lichtenburg if possible, while they try to restore law and order in the town.

Demonstrations that started on Thursday continued throughout the night and, during the early hours of Friday, the community dumped loads of nails on the road between Koster and Lichtenburg.

A number of vehicles encountered punctures as they drove over the nails laid on the road.

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On Thursday afternoon three trucks were allegedly torched on Ottosdal road, Biesiesvlei road and Eerste straat by an unconfirmed number of members of the community.

The community is demonstrating against the corruption in the local mayor’s office, and an alleged rise in foreign-owned businesses replacing the domestic contingent has also caused discomfort amongst the community members.

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