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Watch: NiDa truck driver recklessly overtaking, pushing a bakkie off the road

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A NiDa side tipper truck driver has been captured on camera driving recklessly on the N11 at Amajuba pass crashing into a bakkie trailer and nearly causing a crash two more times.

In the 1 minute and 31 seconds long video, the trucker crosses the continous yellow and white solid lanes road separator lines as he overtakes another truck.

He does that while the left lane is vacant clearly showing that he was on a mission to just break the law.

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Just as he crosses back to the right lane, there appears two trucks with one overtaking the other thereby blocking him from passing, at least that’s what I thought. But no, he again crosses over the stripped road separator to overtake the two trucks.

 Watch: NiDa truck driver recklessly overtaking, pushing a bakkie off the road

As the two lanes merge to one ahead of him, he forces the other truck to hastily shift to the far left and let him pass.

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At this stage, the camera operator zooms onto the trailer registration which is KCY465MP.

He then shows the time which is 09h07 and according to him on Saturday 14 May 2022.

For a few seconds he follows behind a bakkie pulling a trailer.

His most horrific move starts at 1 min 11 sec where he starts overtaking in the bakkie in a sharp curve.

He can’t see the road ahead because of the sharp bend. A truck emerges from the opposite side which he is now travelling on leaving him to squeeze between the bakkie and truck.

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His horrific ride continues as he forces to overtake the bakkie in front of oncoming traffic. Another oncoming truck follows behind the first one and he swerves to the left to avoid a head-on crash and hits the trailer of the bakkie.

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 Watch: NiDa truck driver recklessly overtaking, pushing a bakkie off the road

The bakkie driver almost loses control but steadily he gets his vehicle back onto the road and let’s the maniac trucker pass.

Like nothing happened, the trucker drives on without even caring what he did before the video ends.

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