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Watch out for N3 north traffic delays at Lions River for over two weeks

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N3TC advises motorists travelling on the N3 north in the vicinity of the Lion’s River Interchange to be aware of a two-hour delay a day for a period of at least two weeks.

The N3 north will be closed to traffic at exit 114 for two hours a day for the next 17 days, starting from Monday.

N3 Toll Concession operations manger Thania Dhoogra, said the highway would be closed between 10am and noon, to allow Eskom to perform essential work necessary to replace the overhead transmission lines and conductor which supply electricity to the area.

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Dhoogra said that would continue until Wednesday, September 1.

“Weather permitting, the planned work will be undertaken at specified two-hour intervals on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays during August 2021. The intended road closure dates and times will be adjusted if work is delayed due to unforeseen circumstances. Contingency dates have already been set aside during the first week of September,” she said.

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  • The two-hour closure is expected to impact on traffic, particularly trucks that will be stacked in both directions of the highway for the duration of each closure.

    Dhoogra said light motor vehicles would be diverted via the R103, for a total distance of approximately 45km.

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    Traffic travelling towards Johannesburg will be diverted at the Howick/Midmar Interchange (Exit 103), while the diversion point for southbound traffic (towards Durban) will be at the Nottingham Road Interchange (Exit 132).

    N3 delays at Lion's River
    N3TC temporary road closures time table. Pic N3TC

    Dhoogra urged road user to prepare for traffic delays on both the N3 Toll Route and the R103.

    “We are requesting that motorists remain calm and patient as Eskom completes this essential task,” she said.

    Both the Mpofana and Umngeni Road Traffic Inspectorates will be deployed to manage the road closures and will be supported by all other road incident management services, including N3TC’s route patrol services and emergency response teams.

    Road users planning to travel along the N3 Toll Route, particularly the section between Howick and Nottingham Road, are advised to obtain real-time traffic information and route status updates from N3TC’s 24-hour helpline on 0800 63 43 57 or by following @N3Route on Twitter.

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    Truckers are advised to plan accordingly so as to avoid the delays brought about by the developments.

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