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Watch: Reckless driver crashes into another car and flees the scene in Johannesburg

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He failed to stop at a stop sign and crashed into another car at full speed then fled the scene driving against one way.

That somes up how a reckless driver broke several road rules in less than a minute in Johannesburg last night.

In a video captured on CCTV, one car can be seen speeding down a small one way street approaching a main road.

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Another car is moving on the main road approaching the small one way street which enters from the left.

The car on the one way street disregards a stop sign and drives straight through the main road and collides into the car on the main road.

On impact, the reckless driver’s car spins and ends up facing where it was coming from.

The reckless driver then drives off against one way fleeing from the accident scene.

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This story will be updated when more information becomes available.

Watch the video below:

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