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Watch: Robbers captured offloading truck in motion on the infamous N2 South Coast

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Durban – There are highway stretches in South Africa where as a truck driver you should always be more cautious when using them.

The N2 on the South Coast is one of them. From Port Shepstone (Boboyi) to Harding, you cannot risk driving there without a security escort because of the notorius criminals who await to pounce as the truck struggles to climb the hills.

So many trucks have been attacked on that stretch of highway and in response to that, a security company has established offices just before the hills just for the sole purpose of escorting trucks.

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In this video captured by an unknown motorist, the criminals have already managed to jump into the tautliner after cutting the curtains.

While the truck slowly but surely negotiate the steep hill, the robber is busy throwing boxes outside where accomplices will follow through picking up the loot.

It must be stressed that these people are dangerous and should never be confronted. Cases of drivers being attacked after attempting to fight the criminals are very common and usually the criminals are well equipped for the fight.

Watch the video below:

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Apart from Boboyi, is there any other place you know, where truckers should seek security escort? Please share in comments.

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