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Watch: Taxi drivers lawlessness & crashes compilation

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How reckless are taxi drivers in South Africa? Taxi drivers are inconsiderate and arrogant who disobey the rules of the road. Taxis are often involved in fatal accidents and are the cause of many traffic accidents. The drivers of taxi often put the lives of passengers and other road users in danger.

Is it the lawlessness of taxi drivers that is a major problem on the roads of South Africa. Often taxi drivers will forcefully wedge their way through traffic, having no consideration for other drivers on the road. They often break the rules of the road, all for the sake of getting passengers for a quick profit.

It is the reckless driving and committing traffic violations that are a major concern and cause of accidents on the roads of South Africa. Unfortunately South African motorists have to risk staying alive on the roads due to the irresponsible drivers of taxis.

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A primary concern is the often blatant disrespect of traffic lights these drivers have. Taxi drivers are always skipping the red lights causing fatal accidents. Motorists dare not reprimand a taxi driver for a violation, as there is the risk of insult and threats. The taxi drivers are a law unto themselves.


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