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Watch: Truck caught on camera capsizing due to load shift

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When this motorist saw the truck’s load leaning to the side he knew something bad would happen if it was not corrected.

Important things first, get the camera ready, not warn the trucker.

He got his smartphone out and started filming.

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The truck successfully negotiated one curve to the left.

On the second bend which curved to the right that’s when disaster struck.

The trucker did not show any sign of slowing down.

As he negotiates the curve, the wheels at the right-hand side rear trailer leave the ground. There is no coming back since the load is leaning to the left.

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First, the back trailer flips followed by the front piece and the horse.

Updated – The crash happened on R37 at the infamous Long Tom pass on July 04 2018.

SA Trucker says, The only way to deal with a load shift is to fix it, if you decide to go on looking for a safe place to stop, then drastically reduce your speed and be extra careful when turning.

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