When hijackers pounce, they always try to make it a surprise to their victim so that before you recover from the panic they are in control already.

This trucker, however, refused to be a victim and used the muscle at his disposal to react quickly to save himself.

In the undated video shot from a garage CCTV, we see a truck passing through a garage to turn.

As it stops at a traffic light, a silver Audi approaches and goes on to block the truck from the front.

One hijacker comes out of the car pointing a gun at the driver.

At the same moment, another hijacker comes out from the front passenger door.

The truck driver accelerates and crashes the truck into the hijackers’ car.

He continues to push the car before it speeds off to safety.

Watch: Bogus cops truck hijacking captured on dashcam

While the truck is pushing their car, the two hijackers try to climb from the passenger side of the truck.

The video skips at this stage and does not show if the truck driver safely escaped the hijackers.

SA Trucker is making efforts to get full information on the incident and will update as soon as more information becomes available.

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