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Watch: Truck driver, busy on the phone while driving, crashes into another truck

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Distracted driving continues to cause serious accidents on our roads sadly with devastating outcomes.

Families lose breadwinners, or they get crippled in such accidents which can be avoided by just being responsible. The most unfortunate part is that the damage is done even on innocent motorists who have always obeyed the rules of the road.

In the first video captured from an onboard dashboard camera of the culprit trucker, the dashboard shows that he is accelerating from 73km/h and tops it at 80km.

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All this happens while a truck ahead of him reduces speed as it prepares to turn left, of which the culprit trucker only realises about a second before impact.

He does not even show that he tried to brake as ends up hitting the other truck at 75km/h as shown in the first video.

The second video, also from an onboard camera focuses on the trucker as is busy using his cellphone while driving.

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At the start of the video, the trucker can be seen looking at his cellphone as he appear like texting while driving.

He goes for a whopping 20 seconds without lifting his head to look at the road ahead.

When he eventually does, he is already within 2 seconds to crashing.

At this stage, it’s already too late to apply brakes.

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