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Watch: Truck driver crashes truck using a cellphone while driving

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Hundreds of times authorities educate and warn motorists and truck drivers in particular about the dangers of using a cellphone while driving but the message does not seem to sink in.

In this 1 minute and 43 second long video, a truck driver was captured on the on board camera of his vehicle using a cellphone while driving.

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He can be seen holding the steering with the right hand while the other is busy on the cellphone. 15 seconds into the video, the right hand joins the left on the cellphone and he deploys his elbows to control the steering wheel.

He doesn’t go for long before losing control, he can be seen struggling to hold the truck still but it’s already too late, the truck overturns.

According to the video, the accident happened on the 23rd of May around 17h12. It could not be established where exactly it happened.

Watch the video below:

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Watch: Truck driver crashes truck using a cellphone while driving
The Scania truck after the crash. Photo supplied
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