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Watch: Truck driver miraculously escape death following crash on N3 at Estcourt

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A truck driver is counting himself lucky after escaping a very serious crash on N3 at Estcourt earlier today, Monday 25 May.

SA Trucker spoke to a witness at the scene who said that the accident happened right in front of his eyes.

“This guy who crashed into the back of the Zalawi truck was travelling together with another truck from his company.

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“He overtook and took the gap between me and a Zalawi truck while the other one remained behind me”

“As the second truck was about to overtake me, this truck in my front suddenly swerved to the right, crashing into the back of the Zalawi truck,” said the trucker.

The witness said that the truck driver was lucky to come out without any visible injuries.

“Luckily, he was travelling alone, if he had a passenger, they would not have made it, the whole front left-hand side is completely destroyed,” he added.

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