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Watch: Truck driver testing postponed after chaotic scenes at S Hauliers

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S Hauliers has been forced to abandon truck driver testing this afternoon after chaotic scenes erupted at the company’s premises in Steelport.

Several hundreds of South African truck drivers started arriving at the premises from last night in anticipation of a chance to be hired by the trucking company.

Unconfirmed reports alleged that problems started when drivers wanted to group themselves by provinces accusing some from another province as a bad influence and therefore would ruin everyone’s chance.

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A truck driver who spoke on the condition of anonymity said, “we don’t want drivers from XXX province to be tested together with us because we are peace-loving but we are being painted with the same brush of violence as them,” he said.

This was seconded by two other truck drivers present at the scene.

The postponement is a huge blow for truck drivers, some who came from as far as Eastern Cape, and now they have to go back empty-handed.

“If I failed, I wouldn’t be bitter, but that I used my last cent to come here and don’t get tested because there is no unity amongst truck drivers makes my heart bleed,” said another trucker, confirmed differences amongst the truck drivers caused the postponement.

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Scenes at the company manifested that indeed many South African truck drivers are desperate for jobs and something should be done to address the problem.

S Hauliers management was not immediately available to comment.

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