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Watch: Truck overtaking unsafely, crashes into another truck and collides head-on with a bus

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Overtaking a chain of vehicles on a 2 way road is dangerous and not encouraged, worse when it’s a truck overtaking other trucks and it’s doing this behind another truck which is also overtaking.

This can be best explained in the video below.

In the video, a truck starts overtaking another truck but the truck being overtaken also changes lanes to overtake the vehicle ahead of it.

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The first truck, from which the video was taken, does not pull back to allow the other truck to complete it’s safe passage but instead follows behind it.

It follows very closely behind the other truck seemingly wanting to use the same gap with it to complete the move.

Acknowledging the danger he has put himself through, he moves slightly to the left and peeps for any danger but his view is blocked.

Disaster strikes when the truck ahead of him abruptly stops. Because he was following too closely, he applies brakes but his truck does not stop in time.

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He crashes into the back of the truck as he swerves to the right while trying to avoid it.

He goes on to collide head-on with a bus which had moved off the road to avoid the truck he crashed into.

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The video elaborates the real danger a motorist exposes himself to when they overtake without a clear view of the road ahead.

According to your own analysis, what could have been done to avoid this crash? Share your thoughts with us on our social media platforms.

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