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Watch: Wild police chase of drunk and careless car carrier truck driver

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There have been several cases of reckless truck drivers doing crazy things around the world but this one was just about the worst you can find. Drunk and extremely reckless, this Scania truck driver led cops into a 182km wild and very dangerous chase.

Belarus Police released some videos of the chase and shootout which happened in July 2015.

The chase started after the car carrier truck driver collided with a Mercedes-Benz Sprinter and fled the scene.

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The trucker ignored several warnings to stop and the police resorted to shooting the tyres and fuel tanks of the truck in a bid to stop it.

During the chase, he went to the oncoming lane and nearly made ​​a head-on collision several times.

He dangerous swerved across the highway to block his chasers. When the cops finally managed to overtake the truck they tried to shatter his windows with stones but all was in vain.

When he eventually stopped, it was reported that the truck had only two wheels intact.

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The fuel tanks were riddled with bullet holes and, apparently, the truck stopped just because all the fuel had leaked out.

Now, tell me if you have heard of anything crazier?

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