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We Feel Like Slaves Being Traded Between Milltrans and ISS – Please Help!

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A truck driver, who is currently not even sure whether he is still a Milltrans employee or now an Innovative Staffing Solutions (ISS) employee, has shared his disheartening story of truck drivers being treated like slaves, changing owners’ hands without any consideration of how they feel, as he puts it.

In a plea for help to SA Trucker, the truck driver wrote:

We Feel Like Slaves Being Traded Between Milltrans and ISS – Please Help!

Imagine you are employed by Milltrans and for the past 4 years you have been loyal to the company helping it grow in the process then you hear that you are going to be (sold) transferred to another (owner) labour broker ISS which you are not comfortable with as there are pending labour cases against them.

You were also not sufficiently consulted about the move.

ISS is at loggerheads with the NBCRFLI for non-compliance to the Main Collective Agreement (MCA). If I understand it well, their business model does not comply with the MCA and they are fighting to stay off the council’s radar.

Do we just move, continue working and lose our benefits accrued while under Milltrans?

During a meeting with us as Milltrans employees, the owner boldly said that his move to transfer us to ISS was to run away from the NBCRFLI.

The employer says it in your face that he would rather lose all employees for ISS because the NBCRFLI is making his life a living hell.

You hope and pray that something happens or someone intervenes to help safeguard you from being removed from the NBCRFLI shelter. Yes, the NBCRFLI has their own issues but generally, they serve us well as employees.

Poor drivers, who have been doing the best that they could to grow the company, I mean the type who go the extra mile without complaining, spending most of their time behind the wheel of the big machines helping build the Milltrans empire.

And now we are under attack.

You suggest that Milltrans terminates your employment then you can choose to join ISS if you want.

During brief negotiations, Milltrans admits to payout all the employees. When the employees ask for the payout, they are told to take voluntary retrenchment.

What do you do?

No employee wanted to leave Milltrans but they don’t want the burden anymore but they ask you to remove it for them.

You then get very short notice that from 1 February 2022 you will become an employee for ISS.

Negotiations turn sour as the two employers try to force their way on you which ends up with the employees being served with suspension letters.

Funny enough, the suspension letters are served by the incoming ISS with whom you have not signed any contract of employment.

Now you are faced with a hearing on the 25th of January 2022 administered by ISS who according to Milltrans will resume ownership on the 1st of February 2022.
Can someone please help!
Disgruntled truck driver

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Meanwhile, ISS Managing Director Arnoux Maré has responded to a video posted by SA Trucker on Facebook in which a female employee was allegedly manhandled by disgruntled Milltrans employees.

Maré said the employee was going to make a report. He condemned the behaviour of the culprits and urged the police to act swiftly to arrests them.

He also commented about the transfer between Milltrans and his company, ISS.

Watch Maré responds below:

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